CIMEA statements

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CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence), official italian member of ENIC/NARIC network, has open Diplome portal for holders of foreign qualifications recognizable in Italy.

Upon candidates request CIMEA will issue the Statement of comparability and the Statement of verification referring to qualifications obtained abroad. CIMEA’s statements might be submitted to the International students admission unit at Università degli studi di Brescia in order to complete the enrollment process:

  • the Statement of verification is accepted instead of the Legalization of foreign qualifications
  • the Statement of comparability covers for the Declaration of value prepared by Italian Representations abroad

Request for CIMEA statements

Candidates can ask CIMEA offices for the Statement of verification and/or the Statement of comparability using Diplome platform fully offered in English language.

CIMEA uses blockchain technology to issue statements on Diplome platform, a qualification document management system that allows holders of foreign qualifications to share them in a simple, secure and certified way all over the world. Candidates aiming to enroll at Università degli studi di Brescia can activate their MyDiplome  account to autonomously manage contacts with CIMEA credential evaluators. Using Diplome platform they will

  • get detailed information about CIMEA's statements application procedure
  • access the “Required documents” section, where for each country the list of documents needed by CIMEA to carry on the evaluation process is available 
  • download the Consent form to be signed and sent to CIMEA together with the request for statements
  • contact CIMEA offices via “Info request” service 

Users can check their application status in “My Services” section of MyDiplome account.
Upon issuance the Statement of comparability and the Statement of verifcation  will be available in "MyServices" section as .pdf files. Both documents will be later saved by CIMEA in the “digital Wallet”, ready to be transferred by the holder himself.

Last updated on: 29/04/2021