Panel for inclusive universities

The University of Brescia joined the Panel for inclusive universities promoted by UNHCR - UN refugee agency. The Panel aims at supporting refugees access to research and higher education and at fostering their inclusion in social context and their participation in academic activities. It also promotes adoption of facilitating assessment procedures for their foreign qualifications and job experiences.

The Panel core principles are equality and no discrimination; welcome; knowledge; inclusion; promoting differences; participation. The principles take roots in the awareness that cultural, technical and intellectual experiences refugees and asylum seekers have had in other parts of the world represent a strategic resource for Italian society and academic community, and help accomplish the so called University third mission, hence those mentioned experiences foster enhancement and application of knowledge to local population social, cultural and economical improvement.

The Panel is part of the international process started with the Global compact on refugees, approved in December 2018 during UN general assembly by 181 member countries, among which Italy was included. The initiative addresses to governments, relevant stakeholders, communities, universities and research centers asking for their cooperation in promoting supporting actions and inclusion processes concerning refugees and asylum seekers.

Panel text (in Italian language)

Last updated on: 21/12/2021