Doppio titolo - Georgia Institute of Technology

For about 20 years, the University of Brescia has activated a joint programme with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) for the achievement of a double Master's degree in Engineering.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top 5 Engineer Training Institutions in the USA. It was able to anticipate the development of a global society and was the first to create branch offices in several continents where it can offer its own training model to enrich the preparation of the management class with an adequate technical-scientific profile. Over the years, several students of our University have joined this program which gives them the opportunity not only to access complementary training of great value but also to significantly reduce participation costs thanks to the definition of the joint training programme set up.

The programme is currently aimed at students of the University of Brescia enrolled to the following MSc degree courses:

- Communication Technologies & Multimedia

- Industrial Automation Engineering

- Electronic Engineering

- Management Engineering

- Computer engineering

- Materials and Product Innovation Engineering

- Mechanical engineering

Participation in the program allows access to the following training courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology on the basis of the home study course in Brescia:

- Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (ALL UNIBS courses except 4)

- Master of Science in Computer Science (UNIBS pathways 1, 5)

- Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering (UNIBS courses 1, 3, 5)

- Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (UNIBS courses 2, 4, 6, 7)

For more information: prof. Riccardo Leonardi ([email protected]).

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Last updated on: 14/11/2023