Student collaborations (150-hours)

Student collaborations (150-hours)

The University of Brescia publishes an annual call for student collaborations in activities related to University services.

Each collaboration involves activities for a maximum of 200 hours. The hourly remuneration paid to the student is exempt from personal income tax and trade tax.

The selection is open to university students regularly enrolled at the University of Brescia, who have passed at least 2/5 of the credits required by their degree programme with reference to the year of enrolment.

Students enrolled in the first year of specialisation or master's degree courses are also admitted, provided there is continuity of enrolment between the two cycles. For these students, the merit assessment will take place with reference to the first level degree programme.

For information contact: [email protected] - Tel. +39 0302016084

Last updated on: 10/10/2023