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Starting from the Academic Year 2017/18, the Clinical and Dynamic Psychology Sector of the University of Brescia, directed by prof. Alberto Ghilardi, alongside the already consolidated Student Area Listening and Consultancy Desk, intends to offer some group counseling activities to all students enrolled in the various courses at our University. The goal is to promote the well-being of the students and to foster a positive academic environment.

Why counseling?

Counseling is a form of professional psychological support, which, by sharing one’s experiences in a group, will lead to these goals:

  • Improving personal well-being and quality of life,
  • Facilitating the processes of personal change,
  • Reinforcing personal evolutionary paths,
  • Enhancing the resources and support students have access to,
  • Improving relations with the surrounding environment

The figure of the counselor, through active listening and with the support of techniques and materials, will help students discover their own personal strength, helping to overcome problems arising from the transition to high school to university, and promoting growth and well-being. The discussion of some issues, reflection, and group activities will also stimulate socialization among students who will feel less alone in facing academic life.

To whom is this service directed at?

Participation in groups is open to all students enrolled at the University of Brescia and is completely free.

How? Where? When?

Each group will consist of a maximum of 10-12 students, plus the counselor.
The meetings for each group will be 3, on a fortnightly basis, lasting 90 minutes each.
Time and place for the meetings will be set according to the needs of each individual group.

How do I join?

To join the group, you must send an email to the following address: [email protected].
The group meetings will start only upon reaching a minimum number of participants.
Once registered, if you are unable to attend, please kindly notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Which is the group for you?


MATRICOLANDOThis group is for students who have just entered the university world (first years). Sharing expectations, considerations, and emotions with the group can help students develop a positive attitude and curiosity towards the new course of study, as well as develop the ability to adapt to change and new circumstances.

The goal of this group is to make the students feel less alone in the new chapter of their lives!

lavorando si impara


This group is for students who are finishing their studies (but also to those who want to "move forward") and who, sharing expectations, enthusiasm, but also fears about future prospects, can develop a proactive approach towards the job market.

The goal of this group is to discover the students’ assets and to help them deal with the changes to come in their lives!

tieni il tempo


This group is for those who, for various reasons, have not been able to finish the course on schedule. Comparing points of views and experiences with other students, who find themselves in similar circumstances, sharing emotions, struggles, and perplexities can help the students find a renewed strength and determination, to make the most of their personal skills.

The goal of this group is transforming a seatback into an opportunity for change!

keep calm volantino


This group is for students enrolled in the course of Medicine and Surgery, who are going to face, or are facing, a period of internship in hospital wards. “Will I be able to deal with the patient, the disease, the suffering? What is expect of me? What do I expect from the patients?" These are all understandable questions and doubts, which, if shared with the group, could help students to face the internship in a more relaxed way.

The goal of this group is to gain confidence in your own capability as a doctor!



This group, similarly to the "Matricolando" group, is aimed at all students who are approaching the academic world, who have previously had a personalized learning period in previous learning experiences.
The excitement for a new beginning is sometimes held back by worries and doubts, but sharing thoughts and emotions with others can represent one powerful resource for gaining confidence and enhancing adaptability.

The goal of this group is realizing that together we can face everything!



Last updated on: 14/04/2022