Tutor for inclusion of students with disabilities


We are tutors for students with disabilities.

We are at your disposal for:

  • Accompanying non-autonomous students, on foot or by public transport, to and from university or non-university facilities for teaching or other university-related reasons;
  • Study support aimed at preparing for exams, acquiring an effective study method and achieving as much autonomy as possible, including the use of technological aids;
  • Reading texts during examinations and admission tests, for students who are not autonomous in reading;
  • Assistance with the organisation of the university course (presentation of study plans, planning of class attendance and study time);
  • Preparation of accessible learning resources. 

Email: tutor.studenti.inclusione@unibs.it

Head of tutoring service for students with disabilities::

  • Sara Zuanon
Last updated on: 21/05/2024