All the FAQs of the category Inclusione
All the FAQs of the category
How can I report my disability or SLD situation?

To receive all the services you have to upload on the ESSE3 website your disability certification recognized by L. 118/71 and/or L. 104/92 or L. 170/2010.

To upload the documents on Esse3, click on Menù> Registrar's Office> Invalidity Declaration.

While uploading the certificate, you will be asked to select the category that reflects your condition, you can choose one of the proposals from the drop-down menu.

When submitting your disability application, you will be asked to provide the following consents:

Policy Information for user with disability and SLD
Declaration in lieu of affidavit

You will receive a confirmation e-mail if the uploaded certificate has been validated and confirmed. 

You must send an e-mail to [email protected] to request support and report your needs.

Last updated on: 11/01/2023