All the FAQs of the category Inclusione
All the FAQs of the category
What are the requirements of my disability documentation (L. 118/71) or (L. 104/92)?

The certificates have to be pursuant to L. 118/71 and/or L. 104/92

To upload the documents on Esse3, click on Menù> Registrar's Office> Invalidity Declaration.

If your certificate need of an update, the old certificate shall remain valid, pending a new INPS visit, as established by Legge 11 agosto 2014, n. 114

However, you will be asked to produce a self-certification stating the date of the supposed refresher visit to be sent to [email protected] and as soon as you receive the new report, it must be uploaded to your personal page in esse3.

If the upload of the certificate is functional to obtain exemption from university fees, it will be enough to upload the certificate issued by INPS with the Omitted option, as long as the documents provide the percentage of disability and/or the specific article relating to the situation. You can select the Omitted category in Esse3. Only the students with a recognised disability, pursuant to art. 3, par. 3 of L. 104/92 must by present a report without omissis in order to allow us to verify the corrispondence between ICD9 indicated in your report and the percent of disability.

When submitting your disability application, you will be asked to provide the following consents:

declaration in lieu of affidavit

Policy Information for user with disability and SLD

If you have already given consent, you will find a summary screen and will be asked to confirm and continue.


Last updated on: 17/01/2023