Measuring the aerobiome in polluted regions: an exposomic approach for health and sustainable development

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Air pollution is one of the major environmental threats to human health. The Po Valley and the province of Brescia have recently been included among the most polluted places in Europe. MY AIR (To Measure Yield Aerobiome In polluted Regions), led by Professor Donatella Placidi from the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialties, Radiological Sciences, and Public Health, aims to revolutionize the approach to environmental monitoring, allowing for greater accuracy and a better understanding of air quality and its effects on the airborne microbiological component (aerobiome). The characterization of the aerobiome, together with traditional pollutants, will expand knowledge of the impact of air pollution on health and can contribute to promoting environmental sustainability. The key activities to be carried out in this project intend to demonstrate the applicability of an innovative air sampling methodology and subsequent analysis to perform a mapping of the aerobiome integrated with environmental monitoring data through experimental "proof-of-concept". The final goal of the project is to provide an accurate and easily replicable method for assessing the living environment's air, enriched with information on the airborne microbiome.

Last updated on: 22/05/2024