Pre-assessment and Grants reserved to applicants from non-EU countries - STAR + LMINT a.y. 2024/2025

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The University of Brescia for the Academic Year 2024/2025 hereby issues a Call for the awarding of 20 scholarships to students holding a Degree obtained in a non-EU country.

1. STAR “Students at Risk” no. 6 grants for students with nationality and residence in a developing country or from the following countries defined as priority by the Italian Agency for Cooperation: Cuba, Egypt, El Salvador, Jordan, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestinian territories.

2. LMINT n. 14 scholarship to students holding a bachelor’s degree of the minimum duration of three years, obtained in a non-EU country, and who intend to enrol in one Master's degree programme taught in English.

Candidates should apply via the online PICA procedure. For further information consult the Call page.

Those non-EU citizens living abroad that aim at applying only for pre-assessment to master's degrees for 2024/25 a.y. and are not interested in requesting international grants awarding should send their application via the same online PICA procedure.

General instruction about the procedure are available in the Notice published below.

Last updated on: 14/12/2023