UniBs among the winners of the 2023 Innovation Grants by Climate Change AI

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As part of the “Innovation Grants 2023” program by Climate Change AI (CCAI), which allocates funds to support projects utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to tackle climate change challenges, one of the funded projects features the University of Brescia

The UniBs project, titled “Artificial Intelligence for Water Management in the Red River Delta to Meet the Water Demand and Control Saline Intrusion in a Changing Climate, focuses on using AI techniques to optimize water resource management in the Red River Delta in Vietnam. In this region, a complex network of dams is essential for multiple purposes, including hydroelectric power generation, flood regulation, water supply for agriculture, and saline water intrusion control. The project team, consisting of Professors Ivan Serina and Roberto Ranzi from the University of Brescia, along with Prof. Ngo Le An from Thuy Loi University and Prof. Toan Trinh from the University of California Davis, will use AI algorithms to develop optimal management policies for basin operations. The goal is to ensure water supply for agriculture and energy production during low-flow seasons, considering constraints and climatic conditions. This project, with the contribution also of Dr. Diego Aineto, Dr. Marco Battisti, Prof. Stefano Barontini, Prof. Alfonso Gerevini, Prof. Enrico Scala e Dr. Nguyen Hai Yen is a significant example of how the University of Brescia is actively contributing to research and the implementation of innovative solutions to address the global challenges of climate change, demonstrating the crucial role of AI in the sustainable management of natural resources and specifically water resources.

Climate Change AI is a non-profit organization that empowers a global community of innovators, practitioners, and decision-makers to accelerate responsible climate action through the use of AI, addressing critical gaps in skills, education, coordination, and research-to-implementation infrastructure. Since 2019, CCAI has inspired, informed, and connected thousands of stakeholders across the academic, private, and public sectors through networking and knowledge-sharing events, summer schools and other educational programs, international policy reports, and multi-million dollar global grant programs.

For more information about the Innovation Grants and the funded projects, visit: climatechange.ai/innovation_grants

The Hoa Binh dam (Vietnam) managed for hydropower generation, flood control, irrigation demand and ecosystem services.
Last updated on: 09/07/2024