Foreign language courses for engineering students

The “foreign language” course indicated in the curricula of all students attending a Bachelor’s degree course in Engineering provides for the recognition of 3 university training credits (CFU) that may be attained by possessing a language certificate of at least a B1 level.

Pursuant to art. 16 of the Didactic Regulation of the Bachelor’s degree courses in engineering, the term “foreign language” refers to a “Community language other than Italian”.

Should the student not be in possession of any language certificate upon enrolling, he or she will have to attain one of the certificates that are recognised outside of the unversity.

Certificates that were attained before enrolling are also accepted.

In order for it to be accepted, the language certificate must be valid, and it must be completed and presented before the second year of enrolment.

English courses are for Bachelor’s degree and master's degree students., will begin in October 2021.

As soon as possible you can find here all informations.

Language English courses B1 and B2 levels

Via the Language Training Centre (hereinafter referred to as the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, or CLA), the university provides B1 and B2 level English courses that are useful for attaining one of the recognised language certificates.

New course will satrt in October 2021; info will be published here as soon as possible

  • B1 level courses
  • B2 level courses