Language certificate

Gruppo di studenti all'aperto

Information on the language certificates that are accepted by the council of the degree course may be found in the attached documents that are still in force.

Students in possession of one of the indicated language certificates must send the original certificate to the student secretariat of the area they are enrolled in.



List of language certifications approved by CLA on 1 June 2021 update to October 2021.

We invite students to check the certifications approved by thei Department.


Riconoscimento attestazione CLA-Unibs ai fini dell’attribuzione dei CFU per conoscenza della lingua inglese: il superamento di tale prova è riconosciuto valido ai fini dell'attribuzione dei 3 CFU di conoscenza della lingua inglese previsti dall’ordinamento didattico del CdS in Biotecnologie.

For all degree courses in medicine students, until further notice, students in possession of a language certificate must refer to the lecturer of the English course of their degree course.

Last updated on: 06/04/2022