To obtain certificates:

1. Download the form from the “Student Admin Desk Forms” page. You do not need to attach any stamp duty;
2. Fill out the form and send it with a copy of your ID to the email of the appropriate office:

  • to request certificates for Degree and Second Cycle degree courses: Students office;
  • to request certificates for professional qualification: [email protected];
  • to request certificates for PhDs: [email protected];
  • to request certificates for specialisation schools: [email protected];
  • to request certificates for higher education courses, advanced training courses, short specialisation courses and 24 CFU credit courses: [email protected].

The office concerned will upload the stamp duty of 16 Euro for requesting the certificate and stamp duty of 16 Euro for issuing the certificate onto your personal page. The stamps must be paid using the PagoPA procedure. Once you have paid the duties in virtual form, you will receive the certificate via email.


Certificates proving enrolment, enrolment with exams, degree, and degree with exams passed can also be issued in English for educational systems as stipulated in Ministerial Decree 509/99 and Ministerial Decree 270/04.
Certificates are generally issued in English in within 15 days of requesting them.


These include the following:

  • Certificates to request scholarships or family allowances issued by Italian organisations and institutions (the call for applications must be sent to the student admin desk);
  • Certificates presented to the Questura (police headquarters) for renewing stay permits (the expiring permit must be submitted);
  • Certificates proving fees paid to the University, which are used for tax declarations or tax inspection purposes.

The same method is to be used for requesting them, and the relevant form must be downloaded from Student Admin Forms and filled out. 


Any certificates requested by foreign institutions for mobility programmes which the student will take part in, based on agreements stipulated between Università degli studi di Brescia and the host organisation, do not require stamp duty.


Non-EU citizens who have a full permit to stay in Italy can use self-certification procedures, but solely for data which can be certified by Italian public authorities.  In particular these include certificates of states, personal qualities and deeds which can be certified by Student Administration Desks, such as University enrolment, exams passed etc.

Last updated on: 17/05/2024