University Campus

The University Campus is located in different premises in Brescia and host Students, professors, research fellows, administrative employees of Unibs who wish to access accommodation and guesthouse services at the University Campus.

In the center of the city there are 5 University Residences:

•    Students accommodation/Guesthouse - Contrada del Carmine, 4 – Brescia
•    Students accommodation - Via Paitone, 67 – Brescia
•    Students accommodation - Via San Faustino, 75 – Brescia
•    Guesthouse - Contrada Pozzo dell'Olmo, 22 – Brescia
•    Guesthouse - Madonna del Lino Piazza del Mercato, 17/A – Brescia

In the Madonna del Lino Guesthouse there are also the Orientation Office and the Language Teaching Centre too.

In the north area of the city there are 4 University Residences:

•    Students accommodation Ex Emiliani - Viale Europa, 39 – Brescia
•    Students accommodation Valotti, 1 – Brescia
•    Students accommodation Bruno Boni - Via Valotti, 3 – Brescia
•    Students accommodation/Guesthouse Valotti, 3/B – Brescia

The Campus north host also the Right to Study Service offices (Viale Europa, 39 e Via Valotti, 3/B) and the University Catering Service (Via Valotti, 1). The University Residences’ Reception, open H24, is located in Via Valotti, 3/B.

Last updated on: 29/01/2024