Call for PhD Additional Posts benefitting of PON scholarships on “R&I" 2014-2020, XXXVII cycle A.Y. 2021/2022

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The Italian Ministerial Decree 10 August 2021, n. 1061, assigned ESF resources from the REACT-EU programme to the active and approved PhD Programmes, XXXVII cycle, as part of the implementation of the PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020, Actions IV.4 - Doctorates and research contracts on Innovation topics and IV.5 - Doctorates on Green topics.

These posts are additional to those published in the ordinary Call for Applications to PhD Programmes, whose final ranking lists of merit have been published on 30th September 2021. They are funded through scholarships benefitting of the financial coverage of the EU PON for the first two years and are co-financed by the University for the third year.

The PhD posts on Innovation and Green topics, financed with the aforementioned resources and consistent with the overall objectives defined in the National Strategy of Intelligent Specialization - SNSI and in the National Research Plan 2021-2027 - PNR, aim to promote an open approach to innovation and greater interchange between the world of research and the world of production. They envisage periods of study and research in companies/firms (compulsory) from a minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of twelve (12) months, and periods of international mobility - study and research (optional) - from a minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of twelve (12) months.

Online registration opens on 19th October 2021 at 14.00 hours (Italian Time)


Closes on 3rd November 2021 at 14.00 hours (Italian Time)

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