Support for First-Year Students

Support for First-Year Students

The transition from high school to university often requires a shift in mindset and study habits. Classes can be intense, and there are no informal assessments throughout the year; the evaluation typically occurs during exams. Effective organization of study habits, understanding self-assessment during the course, and planning when to take exams are crucial for achieving good results and not falling behind.
If you have doubts, are uncertain about your organization, are unsure if you are taking notes systematically, don't understand exactly what you are studying and why, or simply wish to discuss matters with a teacher, perhaps not one you see in class, you can request an appointment by sending an email to Primo Anno DII and arrange a meeting, possibly followed by further in-depth sessions.
It is not necessary to specify the reason for the meeting, but if you know and include it in the email, it can help organize the meeting more effectively.
The first meeting usually lasts about half an hour, and remember, it is not intended to solve specific subject-related problems, but to help you better navigate university life!


Sergio Benini 
Alessandro Bugatti
Marco Dalai
Guido Gallico
Riccardo Leonardi
Renato Lo Cigno
Anisa Rula
Luca Venturelli
Maria Antonietta Vincenti

You are free to choose whether to request a meeting with a specific teacher or not. In the first case, you may have to wait a bit longer for an appointment because each of us has commitments and a often full schedule. In the second case, the first available teacher will respond, and therefore, meetings can generally be organized in a very short time.

Last updated on: 01/02/2024