The Department hosts three undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor's degrees), four graduate degree programs (Master's degrees), one of which is entirely in English, and two third-level courses (PhD programs). Below are links to the websites of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs; for PhD programs, please see the dedicated section in the navigation menu.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Aggregated Study Course Boards (CCSA)


A group of members from the Department of Information Engineering is available for meetings with first-year students. This service, active throughout the academic year, can be particularly helpful during the initial contact with the University to address any problems or doubts that students may encounter in transitioning from secondary school to university. To avail of the service and request an appointment, it is sufficient to send an email to Primo Anno DII. You will then be contacted by a faculty member of the group to arrange a meeting, either in person or online. The service does not address specific course topics but helps students better understand the university context, the structure of the education offered in the chosen degree program, and the study methodology to successfully tackle exams. Read more for further information.

Last updated on: 14/05/2024