The Department of Information Engineering is directed by Prof. Fabio Baronio, who is assisted by the Department Board chaired by him.
The Department Council, made up of professors and researchers, is its highest decision-making body; chaired by the Director, it avails itself of the advice of permanent or temporary Commissions and delegates of the Director.
Born as a structure dedicated to overseeing research, the Department coordinates both Basic and Applied Research Groups, as well as the annexed  laboratories. To promote, evaluate and ensure research activities in line with the high quality standards of the University of Brescia's Quality Presidium, as well as to communicate with it, the Department has its own Research Quality Presidium.
By virtue of Law 240/2010, the Department is also responsible for supervising the teaching activities of the Degree Courses in the various sectors of information engineering. In this task it is supported by two Aggregate Degree Course Councils, namely in Computer Engineering and in Electronic and Communications Engineering. As with research, the quality standard of teaching is ensured by an organ of the Department, the Teaching Quality Presidium, which interacts with a permanent Commission in charge of evaluating the work of the individual Degree Courses. Since the Commission is composed of an equal number of professors and students, it is called Joint Commission.


Last updated on: 07/10/2022