Quality Presidium

In collaboration with the University Quality Presidium, the Quality Presidium of the Department of Information Engineering oversees the correct functioning of the quality assurance system of teaching provided within the Department, of the research carried out by the professors and researchers of the Department and the Third Mission activity.

The Quality Presidium reports annually to the Department Council on the status and results of the quality assurance system for Teaching, Research and Third Mission according to the indications of the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System).

The Department Quality Presidium is made up of the Department Teaching, Research and Third Mission Coordinators and six other Department professors.


Head of the Departmental Quality Presidium

Prof. Marco Ferrari



Members of the PQD - Teaching

Prof. Pietro Baroni, Teaching Coordinator

Prof. Michele Melchiori

Prof. Umberto Minoni



Members of the PQD - Research

Prof. Emilio Sardini, Research Coordinator

Prof. Ivano Alessandri

Prof. Luigi Colalongo


Third Mission

Members of the PQD - Third Mission

Prof. Marco Ferrari, Third Mission Coordinator

Prof. Damiano Crescini

Prof. Alessandro Depari


Last updated on: 07/10/2022