Governing Bodies

Director: Prof. Fabio Baronio

Deputy Director: Prof. Devis Bianchini

Department Board: dedicated page

Department Council: made up of all the professors and researchers of the Department (see the People section) and the Student Representative.

CCSA of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering: dedicated page

CCSA of Computer Engineering: dedicated page

Teacher-Student Joint Commission: dedicated page

Teaching Coordinator: Prof. Pietro Baroni

Research Coordinator: Prof. Emilio Sardini

Third Mission Coordinator: Prof. Marco Ferrari

Referent for Orientation: Prof. Emiliano Sisinni

Referent for Tutor: Prof. Emiliano Sisinni

Referent for International Relations: Prof. Francesco Gringoli

Communication contact person: Prof. Sergio Benini

ICT contact person - Language Center or other profiles: Prof. Massimiliano Giacomin

Scientific Council Delegate of the University Library System: Prof. Andrea Locatelli



Last updated on: 12/10/2022