DII Doctoral programs (PhD)

Information Engineering (XXX cycle and onwards)

The objectives of the Doctoral Program in Information Engineering are to provide qualified and up-to-date third-level training in key areas of modern technology, such as electronics, sensors, energy conversion, environmental sustainability, nanotechnologies, computer science, automation, photonics, and telecommunications. There is a strong interaction with basic sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics), and the program ensures that doctoral candidates have the opportunity to conduct highly competitive research with strong national and international relevance. The doctoral program is organized into four curricula: Electronic Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation; Computer Engineering and Automation; Telecommunications Engineering; Physical, Chemical, and Mathematical Sciences for Engineering.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Ivano Alessandri

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Technology for Health (XXX cycle and onwards)

The goal of the "Technology for Health" Doctoral Program is to prepare students to apply skills typical of information engineering to problems related to personal and population health, leading them towards biomedical-engineering technological transfer in industries or government entities. The program is oriented towards strong interdisciplinarity between information engineering, medicine, and biology.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Mauro Serpelloni

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Doctoral Programs up to the XXVIII cycle

The department has hosted the following doctoral programs:

  • Computer Engineering and Automation
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Technology for Health Protection
  • Methods and Mathematical Models for Engineering
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