How to Enrol to a PhD Programme

Call for Admission to PhD Programmes

Admission to PhD Programmes is subject to competitive application having no citizenship limitation.
The University of Brescia publishes an annual Call for applications to PhD Programmes, providing for each Programme the number of positions available benefitting of study grants, and those not benefitting of study grant.


For the academic year 2021/2022, XXXVII cycle, the enrollment procedures are differentiated for the eligible candidates of

the ordinary Call for admission to n. 10 PhD Programmes (expired on 4/08/2021)

and for the candidates of

the Call of admission to n. 9 PhD Programmes (expired on 3/11/2021), Additional posts, co-financed by the Italian PON "RESEARCH AND INNOVATION" 2014-2020.


If you result eligible for a PhD post, according to the number of posts available in one of the ten (10) PhD Programmes, XXXVII cycle, a.y. 2021/2022, of the University of Brescia, upon the completion of the selection process at UNIBS, you will re-connect to UNIBS Esse3 profile, select the item Secretariat under the menu and follow the procedure "Enrolment". Wait the publication of the official Final Ranking Lists of Merit of each PhD Programme before proceeding.

INSTRUCTIONS TO ENROL A.Y. 2021/2022, XXXVII Cycle, Additional Posts PON R&I

Instructions to Enrol A.Y. 2021/2022, Ordinary Call to Admissions, XXXVII cycle

University Fees

The comprehensive University Fee to enrol to PhD Programmes (both for beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of study grants) amount to € 156,00

out of which 140,00 for the Regional Right to Education Fee (Regione Lombardia) + € 16.00 of the Italian Revenue Tax Stamp duty.

Useful procedures to live in Italy and Universitaly procedure to apply for study visa

Last updated on: 01/04/2022