How to Enrol at a PhD Programme


The PhD Programme is a III level study programme open to holders of II level degrees (Master of Science degree or similar academic qualification awarded abroad and considered equivalent in terms of duration, level and field of study).

Upon conclusion of the educational and research prospectus, after passing the final exam, the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded.

Admission to PhD Programmes and procedure to enrol

Admission to PhD Programmes is subject to competitive application having no citizenship limitation.
The University of Brescia publishes an annual Call for applications to PhD Programmes, providing for each Programme the number of positions available benefitting of study grants, and those not benefitting of study grant.

The administrative procedures to enrol are published on this web page upon completion of the competitive selection process.

University Fees

The comprehensive University Fee to enrol to PhD Programmes (both for beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of study grants) amount to € 156,00

out of which 140,00 for the Regional Right to Education Fee (Regione Lombardia) + € 16.00 of the Italian Revenue Tax Stamp duty.

Living in Italy - required documents

The administrative procedures to live in Italy, dedicated to post-graduate students of non-EU or EU citizenship, are the same as those applied for students of undergraduate university courses

Last updated on: 13/05/2024