PhD Programmes Guidelines for Institutions and Business Companies

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PhD Candidates: a resource for companies and institutions

A PhD candidate, working in partnership with an Institution or a Company, offers the tools to:

- increase the sensitivity and skills to pursue development and innovation within the system in which he/she is inserted

- transfer a vast and specialized knowledge, at the same time undertaking to grasp, learn and enhance existing experiences and skills

- encourage the propensity to analyze new situations and problems by identifying unconventional paths and solutions

- maintain a relationship of interaction and continuous exchange with the University by offering an updated look at the most advanced frontiers in the different disciplines.

Why is a PhD Candidate an added value?

PhDs Candidates are builders of new knowledge and new ideas, they are protagonists and stimuli of innovation and creative originality, they are interpreters of a true culture of progress.

Partnership Opportunities

Companies and Institutions can:

- Develop joint PhD training path and research activities with the University, working on issues of common interest. For this purpose, a PhD scholarship can be activated, financed by the institution or the company, in agreement with a specific Department.

- Employ a young PhD candidate through posts of Apprenticeship in Advanced Training, a particular path that combines Doctorate and Apprenticeship, University and Business. It envisages that new graduates, aged 18 to 29, are hired by a company / institution and at the same time carry out a research project shared between the company and the university thanks to the tools and training resources of the University.

To Finance a PhD scholarship
Activate a contract on Apprenticeship in Advanced Training and Posts devoted to Private and Public Administration employees
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Guidelines for Companies and Institutions
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Fund a PhD scholarship through the Italian PNRR Funds, Min. Decree no. 352/22
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