Writing your final dissertation

For all courses, excluding the First Cycle Degree courses of the Engineering department, the thesis/final project must be uploaded via the online procedure as indicated in the guide for the online degree application procedure.

Frontispiece: must contain the name of the University, Department, study course and academic year; the title of the thesis in full; the name of the Undergraduate, the enrolment number, name of the Supervisor and any Co-Supervisors. Undergraduates must use the Frontispiece Facsimiles published at the bottom of this page as an example.

Text: pages with at least 20-25 lines are advisable. The contents must be placed at the start of the volume, and the bibliography at the end. The notes can be in footnote form, or at the end of each chapter.

Undergraduate signature: obligatory, the file can be signed digitally by the student, or the handwritten signature may be placed on the last page before the bibliography.

File format: the annex containing the thesis must be uploaded in a single file in pdf/A format with a maximum size of 60 MB. The name of the file should be the student’s enrolment number.

Guidelines for uploading the required annexes are available in the guides for submitting online degree applications.

Last updated on: 20/05/2022