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If you are a student with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) pursuant to L. 170/2010, who has to take a written exam, you can request aids and compensatory instruments indicated on your certificate.

Possible Aids - Written Exams

(These aids allow the student with SLD to carry out the exams with some precautions and to follow the lessons calmly).

Examples of Dispensary Measures for Written Exams are:

  • A quantitative, but not qualitative, reduction of the test itself, additional time, up to a maximum of 30% more, for carrying out the test; (since these aids depend on the structure of the single exam, it is necessary to evaluate case by case, the student is requested to specify any preference between the two measures).
  • When possible, replacing a written exam with an oral exam; (this depends on the structure of the single exam; it must be evaluated case by case and approved by the teaching professor).
  • Subdivision of the exam into partials (only if approved by the teacher).
  • Evaluation of the contents rather than the spelling form.
  • Exemption from the use of italics


(They are all instruments, digital or otherwise, that a person with SLD can use to overcome their difficulties in writing, reading and calculating both in individual study and during exams).

Examples of Compensatory Instruments for Written Exams are:

  • Non-scientific calculator (in case of Dyscalculia or in case of difficulty with numbers).
  • Concept maps, Tables of Contents, Forms if indicated in the Certification (these tools have to be checked and approved by the teaching professor before the exam, therefore they have to be attached to an email to capd@unibs.it to be sent at least 10 business days before the exam, so that the office can forward it).


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