Support during Exams for Students with SLD


If you are a student with a disability certification pursuant to L. 170/2010 , in order to take advantage of the appropriate support during the university exams you will have to contact the competent office [email protected] at least 10 business days before the date of the exam. You will be asked, if you have not already submitted it on Esse3, to attach your certificate and to fill in a privacy policy and the Self Declaration Affidavit.

    In questa, fase, se non l'hai ancora fatto, ti sarà richiesto di allegare il tuo certificato e di compilare un'informativa sulla Privacy.


    For every exam for which you want to take advantage of support that can be provided by the UOC Inclusion, Participation and University Campus, you will need to send an email to [email protected] specifying what are your needs, basing this request on the certification you presented by you and the structure of the specific exam.

    The information you will have to provide in aforementioned email is:

    1. Your name and surname;
    2. University ID number
    3. Degree course
    4. Exam date
    5. Name and Surname of the Professor
    6. Name of the Module
    7. Kind of support you seek for the exam
    • After a confirmation from the competent office, you will be able to contact the professor in order to make arrangements on the exam methods that you both consider best suited to the completion of the exam.

    • In case of disagreement with the professor, you will need to send an email via PEC (certified e-mail) to [email protected] with the recipient "U.O.C. Inclusion, Participation and University Campus”, explaining your situation. At this point the decision is left to the University Commission for Disabilities.

    • Note: For organizational reasons, we remind you to promptly notify the teacher and/or at [email protected] if for whatever reason you decide not to take the exam on the agreed date, or if you’re unable to take it.


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    Support for: students with disabilities and SLD

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    Last updated on: 04/08/2022