Department Strategic Plan

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Despite the specific nature of the courses of study offered, the strategic guidelines for the teaching of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land and Environment, and Mathematics follow the University;s guidelines, with regard to both the enhancement of the current offer and its further differentiation. The extension of territorial influence and internationalisation represent another important objective.

As part of the internationalisation strategy, we intend to strengthen the
Departments projection in research activities involving Universities and Research Centres in particular, but not only, towards Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Romania,..), Asia (China, India, South-East Asia), Africa (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sub-Saharan Africa) and North America (Canada and the United States).

The strategic lines the Department intends to follow towards the territorial public actors tend to support them in point of awareness-raising works and the adoption of new legislation and technology transfer, following research and development activities.

The activities carried on by the DICATAM in the field of teaching, research and third mission are meant to:

  • create, integrate and disseminate innovative and highly qualified knowledge in its fields of competence;
  • train engineers with professional skills and social responsibility capable of facing the challenges of an increasingly complex; society; 
  • contribute effectively to the socio-cultural progress and the competitive and sustainable development of the territory and the country;
  • collaborate with international research centres through the exchange of students and researchers to foster the globalisation of culture.

Department strategic plan DICATAM

Last updated on: 16/05/2024