Department Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering and Mathematics (DICATAM)


Ingegneria Civile
Civil, Architectural, and Structural Engineering
Monte Adamello
Environmental Defense Thecnologies
Una città sovraffollata
Planning and Management of the City and the Territory
Farfalla che genera un'onda
Maths and Physics for Engineering


Direttore Dicatam

The Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land and Environment, and Mathematics (DICATAM) originated in 2012 from the merging of the Department of Civil Engineering (established in 1988, six years after the foundation of the University of Brescia, and later renamed Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land and Environmental Engineering) and the Department of Mathematics (instituted in 1999). The DICATAM is one of the three Departments in the macro area of Engineering (former Faculty of Engineering).
The characteristic of the Department is the presence of research groups with a strong interdisciplinary approach, working in the branches of civil-building and construction engineering, architecture, techniques and strategies for land management and de-pollution and environment protection, sustainable agriculture as well as mathematical and physical sciences.
The cross-disciplinary research made by our groups is amply consolidated and is a strongly qualifying factor of scientific production that has gained international recognition and scientific awards. Our work also has a strong calling to its surroundings - research for third parties and, in general, the third mission is intense and qualified and accomplished through profitable collaborations with numerous local, national and international companies, entities and local institutions.

The DICATAM has three three-year Bachelo's (First Cycle) degree courses (Civil Engineering, Land and Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, the latter being started recently), two Master's (Second Cycle) degree courses (Civil Engineering, and Land and Environmental Engineering), one Masters (Second Cycle) degree course delivered in English (Civil and Environmental Engineering), having a strong international calling, a five-year Single-cycle Master's degree course with Europe-wide recognition (Architectural Engineering) and a recently instituted Professional (Vocational) degree in Building Techniques.

There are about 1300 students attending our courses.

The Department has a PhD programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering, International Cooperation and Mathematics (DICACIM).

The Department carries out its activities in the three areas (research, teaching and third mission) in compliance with the requirements of ANVUR's self-assessment and accreditation system (AVA).
All those interested are invited to visit the DICATAM Department on the web or in person; in this case, they will be shown around our facilities and laboratories.

Prof. Giorgio Bertanza, Department Director


Last updated on: 18/10/2022