Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences (DSCS)


The Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences was established in 2012 bringing together the former Departments of the medical area. With a solid background of shared scientific interests it represents a wide part of the medical-surgical sciences, thus facilitating teaching planning, academic positions management and the relationships with the National Health Service. 
As a multidisciplinary Department with a teaching and research framework integrating many different branches and areas of Medicine, it offers educational programmes with a strong clinical mark (Medicine and Medical Postgraduate Schools) as well as a range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the Health Profession and science area, highly responding to the main challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s Medicine

The multidisciplinary aggregation has allowed the Department to create integrated research for the physiopathological and therapeutic-clinical study of cardio-cerebrovascular, haematological, endocrine, immune, infectious, neurological, psychiatric, oncological, pulmonary, rheumatological and the psychological-rehabilitative field diseases, in the mother-child sphere, adulthood and the elderly. On the other hand, this has promoted integrated teaching activities to prepare professional figures in the medical-surgical, Health Profession and science areas with the purpose of achieving the physical, psychological and social wellness considering the present and future epidemiological landscape. 
The third mission activities of the Department basically concern the health and wellness area, directing scientific and teaching skills towards excellence in care and interventions promoting health education among citizens. 
The Departmental administrative centre is in Viale Europa (Centro Polifunzionale) and by the city’s main hospital (ASST Spedali Civili). Some clinical and research activities take place in branches, such as Montichiari Hospital, IRCCS Don Gnocchi, and Istituti Clinici Città di Brescia. 
The current academic staff of the Department consists of 84 people: 26 full professors, 32 associate professors and 26 researchers. 
The Department’s applied research complies with the highest qualitative standards, as shown by the many publications in eminent international and national journals and its co- 
operations with high profile research institutes and universities, in Italy and abroad. 
The teaching offer of the Department includes 6 Bachelor’s (First Cycle) degree programmes, 1 Master’s (Second Cycle) degree programme and 1 single-cycle Master’s degree programme, for a total of about 3,000 students relating to the Department (i.e. about 2/3 of the students of the whole Medicine area). The Department also hosts 20 Medical postgraduate Schools, for a total of about 300 students. 

The activities in the three areas (Research, Teaching and Third Mission) comply with the requirements of the Italian Evaluation and Accreditation System as well as the Regional and National Health Service standards. 



Last updated on: 27/01/2023