Molecular and Translational Medicine (DMMT)

Massimo Gennarelli

The DMMT is a multidisciplinary structure combining the skills of lecturers and researchers active in the macro areas of Medicine, Biology and Chemistry.
The Department's teaching activity is based on the concept that sharing and promoting knowledge and skills is conducive to high level education, innovation and internationalisation.
Degree courses, PhD programmes and Specialisation Schools aim at training highly qualified professionals with expertise in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields as well as the population's health and welfare.
The DMMT has the Single-cycle Master's degree course in Pharmacy, the three-year Bachelor's (First Cycle) degree courses in Biotechnology and Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, the Master's (Second Cycle) degree course in Medical Biotechnology. The DMMT is the centre for three PhD programmes at international level: Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine, Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology and Experimental Medicine, Precision Medicine. Furthermore, it hosts four Specialisation Schools: Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology, Microbiology and Virology, Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry.
Following a policy of steady development over time, our Department is prominent in the local and national context for its markedly cooperative character, which furthers the creation of inter and intra-departmental platforms and laboratories in order to attain quality in teaching, research and third mission.
The DMMT is the centre of acknowledged excellence and ranks high in national and international assessments.

Prof. Massimo Gennarelli
Department Director

Dipartimento Medicina molecolare e traslazionale
Dipartimento Medicina molecolare e traslazionale
Dipartimento Medicina molecolare e traslazionale
Dipartimento Medicina molecolare e traslazionale
Dipartimento Medicina molecolare e traslazionale
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Last updated on: 24/11/2023