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The Department of Civil, Environment, Architectural  Engineering, and Mathematics hosts nine study courses (four courses of study, four Master's degree courses, one entirely in English, and a  PhD programme in Civil, Environmental Engineering, International Cooperation and Mathematics  (DICACIM) attended by Italian and foreign students of excellence.

The historical teaching proposal (Civil Engineering, Land and Environment Engineering, and Architectural Engineering) covers both the traditional areas offered by the Department's skills and the various types of study courses (three-year degrees with continuation in two-year Master's degrees, also in English, Single-cycle Master's degree with European recognition).

The activation in 2019 of the Professional (Vocational)  degree in Building Techniques, in agreement with the social partners of the Brescia area, added a type of study course for professional figures.

In 2019 a new training area in Agricultural Sciences was born, with the activation of the degree course in Sustainable Agricultural Systems.

Upon completion of the training course, the new Master's degree course in Technologies for Ecological Transition in Agriculture will be activated in September 2022. The training project provides skills in the use of technologies and of advanced methods of sustainable management of agricultural production, of the protection and management of the territory and resources, of innovative technologies to support both agriculture and the enhancement of quality production.

Prof. Fabio Luterotti Coordinator of Teaching Activity for the DICATAM

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