DICATAM - Research

The Department of Civil, Environment, Architectural  Engineering, and Mathematics (DICATAM) brings together the different areas of expertise in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, combined with the cultural contribution of the Mathematics group of the University of Brescia.

The research activities consequently span a wide range of topics of great practical and cultural scope, with differentiated and specific approaches to the different areas ranging from the more quantitative to the descriptive ones.

The relevance of the research topics addressed by the various groups is in any case demonstrated by the excellent international ranking of publications and by the Department's roots in the territory, confirmed by the numerous conventions established over the years with multiple authorities and productive realities, even well beyond the local scale. 

At DICATAM there are also 7 Research Centers, aimed at the activities of promotion, acquisition of resources, realisation, and dissemination of research results in the sectors of environmental remediation and recovery of degraded areas, applied seismology, structural dynamics, and safety topics for urban mobility.

Prof. Lorenzo Bardella Coordinator of Research for the DICATAM



Last updated on: 07/12/2023