PhD programs


The Department is the administrative seat of the PhD programme in Analytics for Economics and Management - AEM.

The PhD in Analytics for Economics and Management (AEM) aims to train high-level scholars and experts capable of mastering analytical and computational tools to conduct data analysis and to make complex economic and business decisions. They shall acquire an advanced methodological background and the ability to apply said skills to sectors such as Finance, Logistics, Energy, Environment, and Sport.

The PhD programme encourages students to employ quantitative and computational methodologies aimed at applications in the industrial and service sectors. During the first year, training is focused on Methods and Models for Economics and Finance, Operational Research and Statistics.

The main career opportunities of the PhD in Analytics for Economics and Management - AEM are in the research field - in universities or public and private institutions - or professional activity in other economic, public or private, national or international organisations. The professional skills acquired during the course make the PhD holders qualified to hold both academic and high-level managerial positions in complex organisations at public and private research institutes, at companies in the service sector and at companies in the industrial sector, in particular where analytical and computational tools for data analysis and decision support are used.


The PhD program in Business and Law also has its administrative headquarters in the Department of Economics and Management.

Because of the current structural crisis affecting the global socio-economic system, a strong debate on the role of business in society has been taking place: in fact, innovative, more reliable business models and managerial approaches are badly needed in order to create value(s) for the different stakeholder groups. The new PhD Program in “Business and Law” aims to develop qualified scholars and practitioners capable of understanding the crucial importance of values, institutions, and rules if we want to foster really responsible and sustainable firms. 


The Department participates in the PhD program in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies - ESLS, with administrative headquarters at the University of Milan (Joint PhD).

Last updated on: 25/01/2024