Mobility Table

The Table examines the problems relating to mobility and the accessibility of university buildings and makes suggestions on how to solve them.


  • Prof. Giulio Maternini, University Mobility Manager (Co-ordinator);
  • Ms Loredana Luzzi, Rector’s delegate;
  • Prof. Carmine Trecroci, Economics macro-area representative;
  • Mr Stefano Porcelli, Law macro-area representative;
  • Prof. Guido Faglia, Engineering macro-area representative;
  • Prof. Claudio Orizio, Medicine macro-area representative;
  • Ms Catia Berneri, technical-administrative staff representative, north area;
  • Mr Alessio Bonetti, technical-administrative staff representative, central area;
  • Ms Klaudia Gavoci, Chairperson of the Student Advisory Board;
  • Mr Luca Lussignoli, students’ representative, north area;
  • Mr Luca Lazzarini, students’ representative, central area.
Last updated on: 22/08/2022