Single Guarantee Committee (CUG)

The Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Valorisation of Workers’ Well-being and Opposition to Discrimination (CUG), pursuant to Art. 21, Law 183 of 4 November 2010, was set up with Rector’s Decree no. 241 of 1 April 2019 for the four years 2019-2023. It has propositional, consultative and verification tasks, it favours the optimisation of productivity of public work, improving the efficiency of services connected with the guarantee of an environment where respect for the principles of equal opportunities, organisational well-being and opposition to any form of disparity and moral or psychological abuse for workers is paramount.


Public part

  • Prof. Elisabetta Comini - Chairperson
  • Prof. Francesco Donato
  • Prof. Riccardo Nascimbeni
  • Prof. Paola Trebeschi

Union part

  • Ms Marialuisa Tagliani
  • Ms Michela Tabaglio
  • Ms Isabella D'Indri
  • Mr Fabrizio Dalogli

Alternate members:

  • Prof. Luciana Guaglianone
  • Prof. Mariasole Bannò
  • Prof. Cristina Alessi
  • Prof. Daniele Alberti
  • Ms Beatrice Assunta
  • Mr Fabio Fornari
  • Ms Laura Iannotti
  • Ms Maria Luisa Massardi
Last updated on: 06/05/2024