Student Ombudsman

The Academic Senate appoints an Ombudsman by secret vote to offer consultancy and assistance in exercising their rights free of charge to students and to give them a better guarantee of impartiality, fairness and promptness in administrative action. S/He presents a detailed report on their work to the Academic Senate every year. The term of office is three years and can be renewed just once. The current Ombudsman is Giovanna Giordani Bussolati.
Students can contact the Ombudsman, assured of their right to anonymity, to report both administrative problems (delays in Administrative procedures, reports of services considered lacking or deficient, and irregularities in IT procedures) and educational problems (organisation of lectures, exam assessment methods and criteria, and difficulties in relations with individual lecturers).

How to contact the Ombudsman
The Students’ Ombudsman takes action after the written or personal report of a problem. Students are asked to accompany the request for an appointment with a brief description of the topic reported so enquiries can be started and a check made on whether the topic falls within the scope of the Ombudsman’s duties.
Send a mail to: 
[email protected] or [email protected] (putting “for the Students’ Ombudsman” in the subject line).

Last updated on: 17/06/2022