Technical-Administrative Staff Advisory Board

Economia Santa Chiara

The Technical-Administrative Staff Advisory Board (CPPTA) consists of nine elected employees with representatives of the staff in the Academic Senate as ex-officio members. The Board promotes discussion on the managerial and educational policies for the staff, including the presentation of any proposals to the Director General (Art. 22, Sub-paragraph 1, Statute of Autonomy).

The Board remains in office for three years and elects a co-ordinator and vice co-ordinator from its members; they are responsible for convening and chairing meetings. Convocation can also be made at the request of other members and each time it is considered necessary, with the indication of the subjects to be discussed.
In addition, the Board can invite the Director General with the aim of promoting discussion on the managerial and educational policies for the staff.

To contact the CPPTA: 
[email protected]


  • Marco AGAZZI (Co-ordinator)
  • Assunta BEATRICE
  • Moris CADEI
  • Gianluca CUTAIA
  • Cinzia FRASSI (Editor CPPTA web page)
  • Maria Luisa MASSARDI
  • Roberto PROTOPAPA
  • Manuel REGONINI (Vice Co-ordinator)
  • Patrizia ZANOLA (Minutes secretary)
  • Roberta BERTANZA (ex officio member)
  • Giovanna BONOMETTI (ex officio member)


Last updated on: 02/09/2022