Sports Committee

Work of the Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is appointed by the Rector and co-ordinates sports to the advantage of members of the university community as well as oversees the management guidelines for the sports facilities and development programmes and promotion of recreational and competitive sports. The Sports Committee has the duties set out by Law 394 of 28 June 1977 and subsequent amendments and supplements:

  • Rector’s Decree no. 11/2019 setting up the Committee
  • Rector’s Decree no. 776/2019 for the replacement of a students’ representative and the new establishment of the Committee
  • Rector’s Decree no. 928/2020 setting up the new Committee
  • Rector’s Decree no. 235/2021 appointing the new students’ representatives


  • Prof. Claudio Orizio, Chairperson
  • Ms Loredana Luzzi, Director General
  • Danilo V. Tanzarella, Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano (CUSI - Italian University Sports Centre) representative
  • Mr Antonio Soldi, CUSI representative
  • Ms Vera Sanna, Students’ representative
  • Ms Chiara Van Proosdij, Students’ representative
Last updated on: 17/06/2022