Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board was set up pursuant to Art. 7, sub-paragraph 13 of the Statute, with Regional Decree 101 of 11 February 2019 and Regional Decree 298 of 18 April 2019. The Board has advisory powers for services to students, the right to study, the university’s educational offer and the regulations for student fees pursuant to Art. 23 of the General University Regulations.

The Board elects a chairperson from its members responsible for convening the meetings which take place at least every two months. The Board consists of the student representatives in the Academic Senate and University Board of Directors and also a student, elected by students, for each joint Commission in the university, as far as possible ensuring that the majority of the lists are present.

The Board thus consists of:

Student representatives elected to the Academic Senate:

  • Marta Cremaschi
  • Diego Donina
  • Klaudia Gavoci (chairperson)
  • Nicolò Lepidi

Student representatives elected to the University Board of Directors:

  • Eileen MacSweeney
  • Diego Bruno Vollaro

Student representative elected to the Evaluation Unit:

  • Marco Ladu

A representative elected for each Joint Commission:

  • Martina Bondi - DICATAM
  • Faidat Abisola Durowoju - DSMC
  • Anna Gogna - DMMT
  • Michela Lanzini - DIMI
  • Selene Montin - DEM
  • Alessandro Tiboni - DII
  • Domenico Tripepi - DIGI
  • Chiara Van Proosdij - DSCS
Last updated on: 19/07/2022