Career Alias


For all students who have undertaken gender reassignment, the University guarantees the activation of an “alias” identity which allows a different name, other than the person’s official name, to be adopted in day-to-day University activities (roll calls, bookings, registrations, exams etc). 

Activation of the “career alias” involves the following:

  • The person concerned must present documentation demonstrating the commencement of the gender reassignment procedure to the person assigned to manage the process;
  • A confidential agreement with the University governing its usage must be signed;

The requesting party is then issued:

  1. An alias account which can be used for communicating with lecturers and admin offices; 
  2. An identity badge indicating the alias surname and name, and the university matriculation number.

Online records of exams are transferred from the alias career to the legal one.

All resulting changes to the procedures are tracked and subjected to appropriate protection to ensure they remain confidential.  

>> Regulations for activating and managing the alias identity and career, and to protect witnesses prosecution witnesses

Last updated on: 20/06/2022