Students can register for two types of exams on their personal Esse3 page: 

  • Partial exams, which refer to interim examinations completed prior to the final exam and which contribute to a proportion of the final mark, e.g. , ongoing tests, integrated course modules.
  • Final exams, which refer to final examinations completed for a subject and which lead to the determination of the final mark of an exam (written and oral exams, oral session/part of an oral and written exam, the final exam administered by module leader for a subject made up of many modules taught by different professors

In order to take the exams students must be regularly enrolled and up-to-date with the payment of university fees; for compulsory attendance requirement courses, students must have a Certificate of attendance.
In compliance with the required prerequisite of the study plan, students must take the exams according to the stated order for the specific subject.
In some exams students are  required to either accept or reject the marks given by professors , which can be done online, on their personal page in Esse3.
Successfully passing the exam is the only way to obtain the ECTS  related to a course. For further information, please visit the page  "Studying" of your degree programme.


Exams take place during the sessions scheduled in each degree programme's academic calendar; however in some cases, attending students may also take ongoing tests. Exams may be written and/or oral.
Exam session notice board.


Last updated on: 10/07/2023