The ECTS System

ECTS grade scales and tables are tools that facilitate the transfer of academic results (expressed in terms of grades) between different national assessment systems. They are adopted by universities in the countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area and make it possible to convert the grades of one country into grades of another country, according to rules shared at European level.

The University of Brescia, in accordance with the ECTS User Guide 2015 and the CHEER project guidelines, annually prepares ECTS tables containing the statistical distribution of grades achieved by homogeneous groups of students in a given period.

For each grade, the ECTS tables show the percentage of students who actually achieved it. They thus show how a national grade scale is used within an institution, based on its own grading policies and also allow, through the comparison of cumulative percentages, the conversion of grades between different national systems.

The tables are updated annually at the end of July and contain examination data from the previous three completed academic years (1 November - 31 October).

The ECTS scale is constructed according to the following rule:

grade A corresponds to the grades obtained by the best 10% of students;
grade B corresponds to the grades obtained by the next 25%;
grade C corresponds to the grades obtained by the next 30%;
grade D corresponds to the grades obtained by the next 25%;
grade E corresponds to the grades obtained by the final 10%.
Therefore, in the presence of transcripts of records with grades expressed according to the local system of the host university and the statistical distribution percentages or expressed according to the ECTS scale for which the percentages are already expressed in the guide, the conversion of the grade can be carried out by simply identifying in the attached Unibs tables per degree class the percentage that comes closest to that expressed in the transcript. 

Grades distribution Bachelor's degree level


Grades distribution Master's degree level

TABELLA GENERICA (in assenza voto espresso in scala ECTS e percentuali distribuzione statistica)

Last updated on: 01/08/2023