Accommodation abroad

Housing Anywhere

Outgoing students need to find accommodation abroad.

Some unviersities offer housing services but some don't. 

In order to support students in finding accommodation abroad, the University has joined the Housing Anywhere network, an international student-to-student rental platform where Erasmus + students have the opportunity to find a room for rent in the country of destination, made available by another student who is leaving for Erasmus + mobility.

The rooms are checked, the contracts are regular and the payments are secure. Housing Anywhere will take care of all of this so that students can avoid scams and book their accommodation safely. 

Since Housing Anywhere is present in more than 100 countries, students selected for an Erasmus + mobility period can register on the site and book a room in the destination country before departure and securely.

In order to be identified as a Unibs student and get the "verified student" badge, click on the link below.

Before you make a reservation, please contact [email protected] in order to get a -20% discount on commission fees.

Last updated on: 10/11/2023