OLS - Online Linguistic Support

OLS- Online Linguistic Support is the European platform for language learning.

Each participant in the Erasmus + programme for study or traineeship will have the opportunity to take an online course in the language of instruction or work of the host country, before and during the mobility.

Before the mobility all participants will have to take an assessment test and will be able to follow a free online course during the mobility to improve their skills that will be tested again at the end of the activity.


Practical instructions

The license with the credentials to access the OLS is provided via email directly from the system once the office’s staff has activated the license.

If the language shown by the system is incorrect, BEFORE REGISTERING the student will ask the office to correct it. 

"Language of instruction" means the language in which teaching or training activities will mainly take place.

If you will be attending courses in 2 languages (for example, English and French, or English and Spanish) you will need to choose only 1 language in which you will take the assessment test.

Once the correctness of the language has been verified, the student will be able to register on the OLS system, fill in their personal data, with particular attention to the start and end dates of the mobility that must be adhering to the academic calendar of the host university.

The student will receive an invitation from the OLS to carry out a first assessment test before mobility and another invitation to the second assessment test at the end of mobility. The two tests are mandatory.

Those who get C2 in the first test, are not required to take the second test and they can choose to take the online language OLS course during the mobility in the language they prefer among the 18 languages ​​available on the platform.

The OLS platform also provides an online course that is not mandatory.

Last updated on: 12/05/2021