TOLC examination CISIA - Student with disability


Registration Procedures

If you are a student with a disability recognized by L. 104/1992 and/or by L. 118/71 with a report issued by INPS who has to take a TOLC examination at the University of Brescia, you must register on the CISIA website, providing the appropriate documentation and indicating the aids you need during the test.

During registration, you will be asked to fill in the Self-certification of the Notoriety Act to be uploaded alongside the certification pertaining the disability. (The privacy policy will have to be uploaded again when you upload the Notoriety Act and the certification in Esse3 in order to complete your enrollment.)

You will be contacted directly by the competent office of the University of Brescia, which will give you organizational and practical information regarding the test.

Further information on how to deliver the test with TOLC @CASA mode (the test will be taken online because of the Covid-19 emergency) is available on the webpage on the side.

For more information on the available dates you can consult the available calendars:


Al fine di usufruire di ausili dovrai presentare il Verbale di invalidità civile (L. 118/71) o il Verbale di accertamento dell'handicap (L. 104/92) nella versione completa priva di omissis.

Se sei uno studente in possesso di Verbale di Invalidità Civile ai sensi dell’art. 2 della Legge 118/71 (con percentuale tra il 50% e 100%) e/o di verbale di riconoscimento di handicap ai sensi della Legge 104/1992 art. 3 comma 1 che necessita di aggiornamento, il tuo certificato è ritenuto valido in attesa della nuova visita dell'INPS, in base a quanto stabilito da


The University, in order to guarantee uniform and equal treatment, has decided to extend the ministerial indications above also to the admission tests for programs with local management.


If you are a student with a disability recognized by L. 104/1992 and/or by L. 118/71 with a report issued by the INPS who made an appropriate request when registering for a TOLC test and who has presented the appropriate certification, you can take advantage of aids that will be evaluated based on your request, to your specific situation, and according to the current legislation on admission competitions.

For the Academic Year 22-23 are considered admissible:

  • Extra time equal to 50% of the extra time automatically divided by the system on all subjects of the selected TOLC.

Further tools will be evaluated based on the certification provided and the aforementioned Ministerial Decrees.

You will be informed on which are the aids that will be granted to you during the Admission Tests will be sent to the email address you have provided during the online registration.

For any further information, you can send an email to the office staff at [email protected].



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