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Novità TOLC

Chirurghi che eseguono intervento
Medicina e Chirurgia
Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria
istruttore con ragazza in palestra
Scienze motorie


Admission to the following courses

  • First Cycle degree course in Sustainable Agricultural Systems;
  • First Cycle degree course in Biotechnologies (closed number);
  • First Cycle degree courses in Economics;
  • Single Cycle degree in Pharmacy (closed number);
  • First Cycle degree course in Engineering;
  • First cycle Employment Consultant and Legal Expert in Company Law degree course;
  • Single Cycle degree in Law;

delivered by Università degli Studi di Brescia can be submitted by sitting the relevant online CISIA (TOLC) test to assess entry-level knowledge.

Due to the continued Covid-19 pandemic, in 2022 the TOLC test will mainly be offered in [email protected] (home testing) mode, allowing candidates to take the test at home; two tests will, however, also be scheduled on our premises for a limited number of students in July and September.

Website CISIA - TOLC

How to enrol for the TOLC test

Last updated on: 30/01/2023