TOLC-E - Economics


The TOLC-E is made up of 36 questions, divided into 3 sections: logic (13 questions), reading comprehension (10 questions), mathematics (13 questions) + 1 English section (30 questions)

Duration: 90 minutes + 15 minutes for the English test

The TOLC-E is necessary to access the following open access degree courses in Economics:

Banking and Finance
L-18 Class of degrees in Economics and Business Management Sciences

Digital Economy and Business
L-33 - Class of degrees in Economic Sciences

Economics and Business Administration 
L-18 Class of degrees in Economics and Business Management Sciences

Resume: - Administration and control (based in Brescia) - Business management (based in Brescia) - Business (based in Brescia - 3rd year in English) - Management of Tourism (headquarters in Brescia) - Economics and management of cultural activities (headquarters in Mantua)

All students can enroll.

Useful information on the TOLC at Unibs


Those who do not take or pass the TOLC-E can enroll with the assignment of Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) of maths.

To succede the TOLC-E you must achieve a score equal to or higher than 4 points out of the 13 achievable in the Mathematics section.


You can find the knowledge required for the TOLC-E in the "Test structure and syllabus" section on the CISIA website.

To be competent in the TOLC-E, you can use the simulations in the exercises area of the CISIA website or access the MOOCs (free online teaching tools) offered by CISIA.

You can also download thefaculty app for free and practice with a training program organized by subjects and topics, which faithfully follows the Tolc-E programme.


The dates of the TOLC-E organized by our University will be available in the coming weeks on the CISIA website.

Last updated on: 30/05/2024