TOLC-I - Engineering

Laboratorio ingegneria meccanica

The TOLC-I is made up of 50 questions, divided into 4 sections: Mathematics (20 questions), Logic (10 questions), Science (10 questions), Verbal comprehension (10 questions) + 1 English section (30 questions).

Duration: 110 minutes + 15 minutes for the English test

Threshold score for enrollment without OFA: 18 points out of 50; the score obtained in the English section is not considered.

Test evaluation:

  • +1 point for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each answer not given
  • -0.25 points for each incorrect answer.
  • For the English section there is no penalty for wrong answers and the score is determined by the assignment of 1 point for correct answers and 0 points for wrong and missing answers.

The TOLC-I allows you to access the following open-access degree courses:
Civil Engineering

Environmental and Territorial Engineering
Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering
Computer Engineering
Industrial Automation Engineering
Management Engineering
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Technology Engineering for Digital Business

Useful information on the TOLC at Unibs


You can find the knowledge required for the TOLC-I in the "Test structure and syllabus" section on the CISIA website.

To be competent in the TOLC-I, you can use the simulations in the exercises area of the CISIA website or access the MOOCs (free online teaching tools) offered by CISIA.


The dates of the TOLC-I organized by our University will be available in the coming weeks on the CISIA website.

Last updated on: 18/04/2024