Admission to undergraduate degree programmes


Students who have completed a five-year secondary school diploma, or who attended a four-year Teacher Training Institute or Fine Arts high school and who completed a supplementary year, can enrol in a degree programme. Regardless of your high school qualification, if you have a university degree certificate you can enrol in another degree programme.


How to enrol in Economics and Business Management, Economics and Digital Business, or Banking and Finance



How to enrol in Labour consultant and corporate lawyer

due persone in riunione sedute al tavolo
Law degree


TOLC-I * test to enrol in: Civil Engineering; Environmental and territorial engineering; Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering; Computer engineering; Industrial automation engineering; Management engineering; Mechanical and Materials Engineering; Engineering and technologies for digital business

Laboratorio ingegneria meccanica
Engineering degree*
Sustainable agricultural systems

Professional degree programmes

Tavolo con casco giallo e mappe
Building techniques
banco di lavoro industriale
Industrial product and process techniques


Healthcare professions * to access: Health assistance, Dietetics, Professional education, Physiotherapy, Dental hygiene, Nursing, Obstetrics, Psychiatric rehabilitation techniques, Environment and workplace prevention techniques, Biomedical laboratory techniques, Medical Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy

Dottoressa con camice e stetoscopio
Healthcare professions*
Giovane ricercatrice in laboratorio
istruttore con ragazza in palestra
Sports sciences
Last updated on: 21/06/2024